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Recording and Mixing



With the great acoustic qualities of Studio One and using various Digital Audio Workstations, such as Nuendo 5.5, Cubase 7 and Pro-Tools 11 we can offer broadcast standard sound recording.  






Mastering is the final stage of  the production chain in which all of the recordings are 'glued' together as it were, to achieve a cohesive product.  Using Wavelab 7,  this involves editing and compiling of tracks, optimisation of audio files and adding a final polish before transfering to the final master disc for production.






We can design your artwork, prepare your master recordings for production and handle all of the administration to ensure that your products are delivered to your door.





We can handle almost any audio archive be it vinyl, cassette, four-track, 1/4" stereo or eight track, even Sony F1PCM recordings! for transfer to a more accessible  format.  We can also clean and enhance your vintage recordings too, optimising them to commercial standards.









CD Manufacturing

Archive and Transfer

To discuss any aspect of your audio requirements please call us on

07902 174 345 or 0141 951 1554